These songs are featured in "Talking Storybooks" that are turned on by your
"Zoo Key" at many zoos across the nation.

You can play 4 of the over 90 Jungle Jingles by clicking on the colored buttons on your "Virtual" Zoo Key on the left.

Jungle Jingles are:

Written by Bruce Sedley and Rick Ellis

Performed and recorded by Rick Ellis

Jungle Jingles ©95 written by Bruce Sedley & Rick Ellis
Flash & Art by Rick Ellis

Your "Virtual" Zoo Key
Click the colored buttons
to play each song

Zoo Key Pictures

zoo key
Here is a picture of an early Zoo Key (early 1960's)

zoo key new
This Zoo Key from 1995
unlocked two messages (narration & jingle)
by simply turning it over and re-inserting it

Meet the inventor of the "Zoo Key" and "Talking Storybooks"
Mr. Bruce Sedley!

Bruce Sedley
photo: Bruce on the set of The Three Stooges movie
"The Outlaws Is Coming"

Bruce Sedley, radio and television personality,
inventor of the "Zoo Key" and "Talking Storybooks"

To learn more about this fascinating and talented man
who brings entertainment, education and delight to so many

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